A blocked drain is not only an inconvenience, but it can also cost a significant amount financially to fix if it is ignored. Often, domestic cleaning equipment is not enough to eliminate blocked drains which is why it is essential to contact an expert if you believe your drains could be blocked. Below we highlight the top signs that could suggest your drains are blocked.

blocked bathroom drain signs

1. An unpleasant smell

One of the most common, and unpleasant, signs your drains may be blocked is an unpleasant or foul odour coming from your drains. Drains in your kitchen can often become blocked due to food debris, and bathroom drains can often become clogged by hair. Eventually, dirt will accumulate and food will begin to rot, creating an undesirable scent.

paint wall bubbles caused by water damp

2. Damp

If a drain is blocked, it disturbs the flow of water in a property and can cause water to accumulate in ineffective places or the area surrounding a pipe. A blocked drain can, therefore, cause damp to accumulate in the walls or floor of a building, which if left ignored could create a serious damp problem which is costly to fix.

3. Drainage is slowslowly draining water in a sink

Water will drain slowly if there is a blockage present in the pipe, as the water will have to be forced past the blockage. For this reason, if water in a sink is draining slowly or shower water is collecting more than usual before being drained, it is a good indication there may be a blockage present in your pipes. If you are unsure how fast your sink previously used to drain, it may be beneficial to time how long it takes to drain and then compare this time with your neighbour.

cracks may begin to appear in your walls and ceiling4. Cracks

If a drain has been blocked for a substantial amount of time, the drain can eventually collapse. If the collapsed drains run underneath your building, it can cause significant structural damage and cracks may begin to appear in your walls and ceiling. This is why it is essential to call in an expert as soon as you suspect you may have a blocked drain.

5. Raised toilet water levelsRaised toilet water levels

A simple way to identify a blocked drain is to check whether your toilet water level is higher than usual. Once you have flushed your toilet, see if the water has raised slightly and if it has, contact an expert immediately as this can be an indication of a blocked drain or another serious draining issue.

unusual pipe noise6. Unusual noises

A gurgling or bubbling noise from your drain could be a sign that a blockage is present. If dirt, grease or food debris build up in your drain, air bubbles cannot pass through your drain easily and you will begin to hear gurgling noises. In a clear drain, air bubbles can easily flow through and be released at the nearest vent so unusual noises are a strong indication something is not right with your drain.



If you notice any of the above issues you should contact a plumber. Blocked drains may not seem like a huge issue, but if left unattended they can create serious structural damage and affect your draining systems, especially for commercial or industrial buildings.

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