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Proper Gas Fitting in Penrith Keeps Your Home Toasty at Lower Costs


Proper Gas Fitting in Penrith

Efficient, economical, built-to-last, and environmentally-friendly, natural gas heaters are an excellent way to ward off the winter cold. 

A gas connection keeps your home toasty during the freezing temperatures without saddling you with astronomical heating bills. 

Natural gas heaters are superior to electric split systems and oil heaters in terms of speed, performance, and comfort.  

If you’re looking for a home heating solution to serve you for a long time, you can’t go wrong with a natural gas connection

As a leading gas plumber in Sydney, StuMac Plumbing is on hand to help you make the most of this affordable home heating solution.

Types of Gas Heating 

While flued heating is the cleanest and safest natural gas heating choice, there are other great choices on the market.

  • Ducted gas heating. This comprises a gas furnace and ducting vents to each of the rooms in your house. A ducted system is pricey to install, but carries lower running costs. 
  • Gas log fires. Gas log fires provide an open fire ambiance without the inefficiency and mess of wood-burning fires. They are beautiful, extremely energy efficient, and boast a high heat level.
  • Space heater. Space heaters are the perfect home heating solutions when running on a tight budget or having space restrictions. 
  • Hydronic heating. These heating systems comprise a system of hot water pipes hidden under the floorboards or radiators in the walls. Hydronic heating is quiet, highly efficient, and, most importantly, reduces dust movement. It’s perfect for people with allergies or who suffer from asthma. 
  • Outdoor heaters. These heaters use radiant heat to warm your outdoor spaces. They come in different styles, shapes, and sizes to suit your available space. As the name suggests, they’re only meant for outdoor use. 

Gas Appliances Safety  

Natural gases used in household heating are highly flammable, and can pose a fire risk to your home and possessions. To avoid a fire incident in your home, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions with gas appliances.

  • Handle safety controls carefully. Tampering with safety valves, bypasses, and other gas fittings increase their likelihood of failing. Never use excessive force with gas controlled knobs as they’re likely to break.
  • Always turn off a radiant heater at bedtime. Every time you leave the house or leave the heater unattended, like at bedtime, be sure to turn it off. As a rule of thumb – never run your gas heater overnight. 
  • Keep appliances clean. Clean gas cooking appliances regularly – ovens, grills, rangehoods, and cooktops – to remove grime and prevent fat build-up. Such build-ups increase the risk of a fire outbreak. 
  • Supervise young children. Never let young children use gas-powered appliances without adult supervision.
  • Eliminate fire hazards. Remove any flammable materials, including petrol, paper, and clothing from around gas appliances. 

Choosing Natural Gas Appliances

Home heating appliances, such as gas water heaters, account for 30% of your home’s energy use. Picking your devices carefully can help lower your energy bills for years to come. 

When shopping for new gas appliances, be sure to compare features, sizes, prices, and most importantly, their running costs. Working with a reliable gas plumber in Penrith can help you breeze through this process. 

Gas appliances such as heaters, whether ducted, space, or water, come with an Energy Rating Label (ERL). The label indicates their annual energy consumption in megajoules (MJ). 

  • The ERL shows you how much the appliance consumes per year and its efficiency level. 
  • More stars on a gas appliance label translates to higher efficiency. 
  • Lower energy consumption equals higher efficiency. 
  • Higher star-rated models are often pricier, but the lifetime savings in running costs are well-worth it. Gas appliances with fewer stars are cheaper, but they can saddle you with high heating bills each month.
  • Consider running costs alongside the price tag when purchasing new gas appliances. 

Always use a licensed gas plumber in Sydney to connect and test each new gas appliance in your home. Given LPG and natural gas’s flammability, it’s best to err on the side of caution and have a trustworthy gas fitter carry out the installation. 

A secure gas connection lowers the risk of fire by eliminating wasteful leakages. Hiring a reliable gas plumber in Penrith to ensure all your gas fittings are in excellent working order gives you peace of mind.

Installing Gas Appliances in the Home 

While gas installation regulations vary between states, some essential elements remain the same. 

Every state in Australia requires a licensed gas distribution company to install the inlet gas connection from your gas meter. The equipment and installation process must adhere to the best industry and Australian Standards. 

If using natural gas, only a licensed gas fitter should handle natural gas equipment and appliance installation. The Australian Standard for Gas Installations (AS 5601) governs the installation process.

Servicing Your Gas Appliances 

The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) recommends servicing your space heaters, gas water heaters, and central heaters at least once every two years. Most importantly, you should only hire a qualified gas plumber to carry out the gas appliance maintenance and repair work. 

Some of the gas appliances that need regular servicing by a qualified and licensed gas plumber include: 

  • Gas burners in water and space heaters are often blocked by lint or dust, leading to soot accumulating in the flue passageways and heat exchangers. 
  • Air filters, fans, and airways accumulate dust and lint, leading to overheating, lower burner efficiency, and other problems. 
  • Gas heater’s safety controls are subject to wear and tear, which impacts performance and safety. 
  • Regular gas lines, appliances, and line maintenance keep your system running flawlessly, and eliminates the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. 

During such a maintenance run, a reliable gas plumber in Penrith uses a Carbon Monoxide Analyser to test for carbon monoxide spillage. 

The VBA recommends hiring a trained and licensed gas fitter to handle any gas work in your home. Preferably, you should hire a gas plumber who has undertaken a Master Plumbers CO training course. 

Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Proper gas fitting in the home can lower your energy bills and reduce your home’s carbon footprint. Most of Australia’s energy comes from non-renewable fossil fuels such as oil, coal, and gas. 

Burning these energy sources releases harmful gases into the environment, including carbon dioxide.

Australian households contribute up to 20% of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions. Helping the country meet its greenhouse gas reduction target by purchasing efficient gas appliances hands you a double win.

It helps to reverse the adverse effects of global warming and, at a more personal level, drastically reduces your home heating bills.

StuMac Plumbing is a fully licensed gas fitting company that can handle all your gas fitting installation, repair, and maintenance needs. 

We can help you pick the best natural gas heating system for your home and handle the installation process. 

Our skilled gas plumbers will keep the gas connections and gas fittings in great shape to keep your system running smoothly and efficiently. 

Call us today. 

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