Blocked Drains in Penrith

Blocked Drains in Penrith

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Blocked Drains Service in Penrith

blocked drains penrith

Blocked Drains & Toilets

Blocked drains in Penrith are not only a huge inconvenience, but also pose a health hazard to your household. 

Blockages can strike when you least expect it, plunging your carefully balanced life into chaos. 

If your plumbing system isn’t draining away wastewater, it is leaving your home swarming with bacteria. 

Contracting the services of a plumber specialized in blocked drains in Sydney can help you stay on top of the odour-inducing problem. 

Blocked or slow draining pipes are a problem you’re likely to encounter during your home-ownership journey. If you don’t deal with a clogged drain effectively, there’s a likelihood of inviting some health problems into your home. 

Understanding the mechanics behind slow draining pipes or blocked drains is the best defence against the problem. It’s important to accept that some issues won’t simply go away when you throw a drain cleaner at them. 

To avoid the problems associated with blocked drains in Penrith, it’s crucial that you have a reliable plumbing service on speed dial. 

Here are some of the most common causes of blocked drains in Sydney:

  • Hair: A few strands of hair falling into your sink and shower drain might not seem like a big deal. But with time, the hair builds up and turns into sizable chunks by grime and grease inside the drainage pipes. 
  • Plants and dirt: In spring and autumn, leaves from nearby trees and shrubs can clog your gutter system. Tree roots can perforate your sewer line blocking the flow of waste from your house.
  • Grease build-up: Dumping oils and kitchen grease down the kitchen sink causes them to congeal and stick to the pipes. Eventually, the grease and oils build-up into huge chunks, clog the drains, and restrict water flow through the pipes.
  • Toiletries: Flushing baby wipes and nappies down the toilet is the leading cause of blocked drains in Penrith. Out of sight, these items absorb water and expand, quickly clogging the pipes and drains.
  • Heavy rains and storms: Storms and heavy rains force leaves and other gunk into your storm drainage. If not properly cleaned, the dirt and gunk can build-up and cause your lawns to flood.
  • Broken pipes. Since most of your plumbing system is buried in the ground or the walls, detecting broken pipes can be a difficult task. Fractured sewer lines can allow dirt into the pipes, causing a massive blockage.  
  • Mineral build-up: Metal plumbing systems are susceptible to mineral and sediment build-up leading to clogs. Sediment and dissolved minerals can accumulate on showerheads and taps, restrict flow and reduce water pressure.
  • Poor pipe installation: A sloppy plumbing job can impact your system’s ability to drain the wastewater away. Incorrectly sized pipes increase susceptibility to blockage and affect the flow rate.
  • Foreign objects: Flushing away any item other than toilet paper that falls into the toilet bowl is a recipe for disaster. Households with young children have a higher risk of having foreign objects washed down the drain.
When to Call a Blocked Drain Plumber in Penrith

If you’re handy with a wrench or a plumber’s auger and possess basic plumbing skills, you can probably unclog a blocked sink. It’s best to intervene as soon as you notice that the kitchen sink is draining slowly. Tackling the problem at an early stage is relatively safe and easy.

However, if your skills aren’t up to scratch, don’t attempt any plumbing repairs in your home. Without the necessary skills and equipment, you’re likely to compound the problem and compromise your entire plumbing system. 

You’re better off having the professionals at Stumac Plumbing fix the problem for you. We will take care of the problem and inspect your entire plumbing system to uncover any underlying issues.

Even if you are handy with a wrench, you should never attempt to fix a blocked sewer line on your property. Unclogging a sewer line is a complex plumbing issue that carries significant health and safety risks. 

Since it transports all the wastewater from your home, a clogged sewer line will affect your entire plumbing system. Here are some of the signs that suggest a clogged sewer line: 

  • drains emit a foul and disgusting smell
  • raised water level in the toilet
  • gurgling sound in the drains and toilets
  • damp, foul-smelling patch in your front lawn (indicates a perforated sewer line)
You should always have a professional blocked drain plumber in Sydney inspect your sewer line if you suspect that it’s broken or clogged. 

Our technicians use camera technology to inspect the sewer line to determine the source of the problem. That allows us to unclog and repair your broken sewer line without digging up your lawn. 

If an inspection reveals a broken sewer, we offer the less invasive trenchless sewer replacement services. Trenchless sewer technology allows for quick sewer line repairs, and the replacement pipes have a lifespan of 50 years. 

A broken sewer line poses a health hazard to you and your family and could result in extensive water damage to your home. Rather than take chances and risk greater exposure to hazardous wastewater, you’re better off calling a reputable blocked drain plumber near you.

At Stumac Plumbing, we’re committed to helping our clients safeguard their health and wellbeing while keeping their plumbing systems in excellent shape. 

From blocked sinks to blocked sewers, we are your number one blocked drain plumber in Sydney

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